NH Association

Mission Statement
The mission of the North Harbour Property Owners’ Association (NHPOAI) is to protect, preserve, and enhance the value of real estate property owned by its members both individually and collectively.
Board Meetings
Held the first Thursday of every month at Harbour Trees Golf Club @ 6:30PM.  If you would like to attend, we would love to have you.  Please contact the president of the board with your agenda.
NHPOAI Board Officers
Jim Propes, President  (president.nh@gmail.com)
Tom Kohlmeier, Vice President  (vicepresident.nh@gmail.com)
Greg Turner, Secretary  (secretary.nh@gmail.com)
Norma Minion, Treasurer  (finance.nh@gmail.com)
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NHPOAI Board Directors

Ron Goeller, Covenants
Mike Huntington, Architectural  (architectural.nh@gmail.com)
Terry Hoff, Commons  (commons.nh@gmail.com)
Leeann Murray, Community Liaison  (community.nh@gmail.com)
Karl Krohn, Social Director  (social.nh@gmail.com)
Jennifer Turner, Communications (nhpoai@yahoo.com)


Madie Goeller, Newsletter  (northernlights.nh@gmail.com)

North Harbour Community Management

Community Assocation Services of Indiana (CASI):o signatory ap
Community Association Services of Indiana (CASI)

Dana Stout, Community Manager (dstout@cas-indiana.com)

McCabe Wagner, Community Assistant Manager, (mwagner@cas-indina.com)
Community Association Services of Indiana, AAMC® – An Associa® Company
11711 North College Avenue, Suite 100, Carmel, IN 46032