North Harbour Newsletter – Monthly – Stay on top of what is going on in North Harbour from the convenience of your own home.

North Harbour is a newsletter keeping the whole neighborhood aware of activities, clubs, neighborhood service providers, HOA monthly meeting minutes, president’s corner, helpful tips & reminders. This is a non-profit newsletter that is very special to North Harbour and residents of all ages.  Volunteer residents distribute the newsletter to mailboxes each month. North Harbour would like to thank those volunteers, Madie Goeller (who organizes the newsletter) & Discount Copies for printing them for us. Click on the links below to view past issues.

August 2017 Issue (1)

July 2017 Issue (1)

June 2017 Issue

May 2017 Issue

April 2017 Newsletter

March 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter





  1. newsletter says (on p. 11) Report a Pothole by filling out a Pothole form on this website. Where is that form? (pothole in the “search” feature comes up with nothing….)??

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